Our In-House Engineering Team

Within GSCS’ internal operations, our engineering team develops designs for tasks involving heavy lifting, sophisticated rigging, scaffold plans endorsed by professional engineers and solutions for refractory needs.

We ensure project operations’ safety, efficiency, and viability by employing careful planning, expert equipment selection and inventive approaches.

Among GSCS’ differentiators, our engineering team plays a pivotal role in enhancing project execution. Our engineers are at the forefront of project planning, carefully considering every detail to guarantee the utmost safety and effectiveness. They expertly select equipment, design intricate rigging systems, and create scaffold plans that meet the highest industry standards.

Ultimately, what truly sets us apart is our commitment to innovative problem-solving. Our engineers take pride in finding inventive solutions to complex challenges. This offers a fresh perspective to overcome obstacles and optimize project outcomes.

Constructibility Modeling: Utilize cutting-edge modeling techniques and extensive studies to evaluate the practicality and efficiency of project designs.

Heavy-Lift Crane Evaluation and Selection: Assess and select the most suitable heavy-lift cranes to ensure smooth and safe project execution. We also explore innovative uses of cranes beyond traditional lifting, such as utilizing cranes for additional support during critical operations.

Heavy-Lifting and Specialty Rigging Planning: Design comprehensive plans for all heavy-lifting and rigging operations with a focus on safety and efficiency.

Scaffold Engineering: In-house experts design and implement reliable and safe scaffold structures to support various contractor access needs.

Refractory Solutions: Offer specialized refractory services to select, design, and implement heat-resistant materials for high-temperature industrial processes.

Third-Party Engineering Support: Third-party engineering support is available to complement and enhance project success.