Empowering the Team

At GSCS, the safety and health of our unionized employees are at the forefront of our operations. Our skilled and committed union workforce plays a pivotal role in driving the success of our business.

We strive to foster a safety culture that goes beyond mere policies and procedures. We create an environment where each laborer embraces their individual responsibility in maintaining a secure workplace for themselves and their colleagues.

GSCS goes a step further with a behavior-based safety program known as Stop Work Obligation (SWO). While SWO is a common practice in many companies, our SWO program empowers employees to proactively identify and halt unsafe acts or conditions. We celebrate and encourage those who speak up while holding those who do not accountable. Combining this robust program with our team’s extensive expertise, GSCS consistently fulfills its obligation to provide a safe work environment for our unionized employees, ensuring their well-being is always our top priority.

Our unionized workforce forms the backbone of GSCS, and we recognize the importance of their safety and health. Through our Stop Work Obligation (SWO) program and a culture of shared responsibility, we create an environment where every employee feels empowered to champion workplace safety, ensuring that they return home safely each day. At GSCS, safety isn’t just a policy; it’s our shared commitment. Contact GSCS today to explore union opportunities that put your safety first. Your future with us begins with a safer workplace.


  • Project Safety Plan
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Stop Work Obligation
  • Formal Accident Investigation
  • Safety Sampling
  • Measurement and Data Analysis
  • Safety Training through Bartlett LMS

stop work obligation

  • Stop Work Authority is now Stop Work Obligation.
  • All employees have a voice. 
  • Employees are encouraged to communicate ideas and concerns openly.
  • Ensures that open communication is happening regularly.
  • Positive safety behaviors are recognized regularly.
  • Live company safety audit systems in place.