QA/QC Program

GSCS’ quality system procedures include rigorous record-keeping and ongoing improvement efforts, all aimed at surpassing expectations and guaranteeing adherence to regulatory, customer and internal quality standards.

Our emphasis on quality and continuous improvement ensures that we deliver projects that meet the highest standards, keeping your satisfaction at the forefront.

QC/Inspection Plan and Package Development: Project-specific quality control/inspection plans and packages are developed per client requirements.

Quality System: Procedures are developed, implemented and continuously enhanced to ensure consistent project execution.

WPS/PQRs & WPQs Development: All necessary welding procedure specifications (WPS), procedure qualification records (PQR) and welder performance qualifications (WP) are developed internally.

Periodic Audits: Regular informal audits are performed (both in-shop and field) to ensure project quality and manual compliance.

Policy and Code Interpretation Support: Company personnel are supported in interpreting company policies and code/jurisdictional requirements.

Site Inspection Compliance: Site inspectors adhere to code/jurisdictional requirements and meet all regulatory, customer and company quality requirements.

Welder Stencil Management: Revocation and re-issuance of Welder Stencils are handled as required.

Training: Training to maintain high-quality standards is provided.