GSCS Specializes in all insulation types

GSCS stands out as a specialist in all types of insulation services, catering to a wide range of applications. Our expertise covers not only typical hot and cold insulation applications but extends to specialized areas such as noise reduction and the creation of removable covers. With GSCS, you have a trusted partner equipped to address diverse insulation needs efficiently and effectively.

Our commitment to meeting the industry’s soft craft demands sets us apart as true leaders in the field. We understand the significance of insulation services, which is why we have seamlessly integrated these offerings with our superior scaffold services. This holistic approach allows us to deliver significant cost savings to your bottom line while ensuring the utmost quality and efficiency in both insulation and scaffold services.

GSCS is committed to innovation and tailors cutting-edge solutions to your project’s specific requirements. We understand the unique challenges each project presents and are prepared to create customized plans to address them comprehensively.

Furthermore, our dedication to excellence in insulation services is underscored by our unwavering commitment to quality and safety. Whether insulating pipes, tanks, vessels, or designing noise-reduction solutions, precision and adherence to industry standards are our top priorities. Our experienced team ensures the seamless execution of your insulation project, often exceeding your expectations.

With GSCS as your insulation services partner, expect cost-effective solutions that enhance energy efficiency, safety, and environmental impact reduction. Whether your project is industrial or commercial, our tailored insulation services benefit from our comprehensive expertise and commitment to excellence.

Contact GSCS today to discuss how our services can enhance your project’s efficiency and success while saving you money. Your insulation needs deserve the expertise and quality that GSCS provides.

GSCS also provides both electric and steam tracing services.

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Insulation and cladding/jacketing

Aerogel flexible blankets

Weatherproofing metal jacketing

Other standard insulation materials


Managed maintenance programs

Off-site shop facilities

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) programs


Cryogenic, acoustic and heat conservation systems

Hot/cold protection and personnel protection

Standing seam panels for coke drums and tanks