GSCS puts the safety and health of our employees at the core of our operation. Our people are the key to the success of our business. GSCS aims for a culture that goes above policies and procedures, where employees accept their responsibility to ensure a safe work environment for themselves and their fellow employees.

GSCS utilizes a behavior-based safety tool — “Silence is Permission”— where employees are empowered to identify and document unsafe acts or conditions. This tool, combined with the unrivaled safety of the Excel product, is how GSCS continually meets its obligation to deliver a safe work environment.

We feel an obligation to deliver a safe work environment, where the focus rests on the prevention of incidents not only on the job, but also away from work.

 Safety Process

  • Project safety plan
  • Job safety analysis
  • Formal accident iInvestigation
  • Safety sampling
  • Measurement and data analysis
  • SIP — Observation reporting

Silence is Permission

  • SIP is a tool used to identify and document unsafe acts/conditions vs. the number of safe act/conditions. The tool seeks out actions more than conditions.
  • SIPs allow management, supervisory personnel and employees to document their findings.
  • Helps indicate the indirect causes of incidents and accidents.
  • Resources and training can be focused on areas of deficiencies as determine by the SIP.
  • Summary report.